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Since its founding in 2014, QI Venture Partners has incubated and co-developed companies that now stand at the forefront of their respective industries. Through our unique venture development model, we partner with operators and established companies as principal to identify and generate new revenues. The focus is multifaceted and quantitative, solely for the purpose of jointly developing opportunities and unlocking unrealized enterprise value.

Our quantitative approach, which utilizes data to unlock forward value, has enabled our partner companies to identify and recover significant and often overlooked latent dollars for their corporate clients – totaling more than $2B+.

Our leadership team is comprised of professionals from a diverse range of institutional backgrounds, including finance, legal, and data science.


QI provides its partners with a unique blend of strategic support across all stages of development; overall vision, client origination, capital, strategic relationships, and operational execution and infrastructure, all of which are singularly geared toward driving net new value creation.

  • Origination
  • Analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Capital
  • Vision

Rapid expansion into key markets leveraging QI’s corporate relationships and business development capabilities.

Deriving commercial insights and strategic roadmaps from large data sets.

Establish and resource the operational backbone for large-scale execution.

Contribute non-dilutive working and expansion capital.

Enhancing the core value proposition and identifying tangential applications.


We seek to identify structurally inefficient markets, align with domain specific expertise, mathematically prove outcomes, and then scale quickly once results are demonstrated. This non-traditional approach to the venture marketplace enables us to capitalize on underserved and overlooked areas.

Our long-term, patient approach to partnership enables our businesses to reach their full potential. We are not beholden to external capital constraints or arbitrary exit timelines, thus preserving value maximizing optionality for our businesses and partners.


Class Action Capital
Class Action Capital is one of the nation’s premier providers of class action settlement claim management for global companies and institutional investors.
Tunesat Logo
TuneSat employs its exclusive audio fingerprint technology to detect music use on television broadcasts and the Internet.
Massive QI Logo
MASSIVE is one of the nation’s leading lien resolution providers responsible for negotiating large-scale medical lien agreements and medical cost projection services.
Portfolio Logo
Quantys Group provides comprehensive economic and valuation analyses of the financial losses incurred by businesses due to complex matters across legal sectors.
Marble QI Logo
Marble powers businesses with robust API offerings that facilitate access to patient-consented health data.
Arg Global Protection
ARG Global Protection pioneered a revenue protection solution for the world’s largest integrated logistics providers.
The DPAD Group LLP Logo
The DPAD Group is a boutique tax services firm that provides comprehensive international tax services across a spectrum of unique corporate tax opportunities and situations.
Source Digital Logo
Source Digital is a data-driven platform that helps content owners, brands, and marketers establish untapped revenue streams through brand integration and commerce in content.
Portfolio Logo
Pixsy provides a suite of tools and services to automatically detect, manage, and resolve cases of unauthorized use of copyrighted images.


Victoria Alvarado OI Venture Partner

Victoria Alvarado


Business Intelligence & Research

Kate Bard OI Venture Partner

Kate Bard


Portfolio Development & Operations

Jamie Beck OI Venture Partner

Jamie Beck

Senior Director

Portfolio Development & Operations

Jacob Chandler OI Venture Partner

Jacob Chandler


Portfolio Development & Operations

Rex Glickman OI Venture Partner

Rex Glickman

Senior Director

Business Intelligence & Research

Ruth Jones Human Resource Manager OI Venture Partner

Ruth Jones

Senior Director

Human Resources

David Levinson OI Venture Partner

David Levinson

Managing Partner

Elliot Lewis OI Venture Partner

Elliot Lewis


Business Intelligence & Research

Marc Littman OI Venture Partner

Marc Littman

Managing Partner

Andrew Mirabile OI Venture Partner

Andrew Mirabile

Managing Partner

Emily Parr OI Venture Partner
Hannah Rose OI Venture Partner

Hannah Rose

Vice President

Portfolio Development & Operations

Cassandra Schatz OI Venture Partner

Cassandra Schatz


Business Intelligence & Research

Pierre Wolf OI Venture Partner

Pierre Wolf

CEO/Managing Partner